Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In House #1726: Califone and Peter & the Wolf in Salt Lake City Tonight

The ever-unclassifiable Califone returned last week with Roots & Crowns, the band's third release on the Thrill Jockey label. One again they defy musical pigeonholing, with far reaching influences that, for the most part, are only briefly traceable back to their origins. The thing is, Tim Rutili, Brian Deck, and company don't create songs so much as soundscapes, with ambient noise, field recordings, and mysterious DIY instrumentation transporting their compositions to far off locales. Not to overstate it, but the shapeshifting mini-suite "Black Metal Valentine," is a prime example of the stretched out musical exploration of which Califone is capable-- it almost feels as if the listener has come through something themselves by the time it's all said and done. Prepared metaliphone in tow, Califone plays Salt Lake City's Urban Lounge tonight. Joining them, also touring in support of a new release, the intriguing Peter & the Wolf opens things up. The band is anticipating the release of their debut, Lightness, on October 31st.


In House #1726.
Airdate: 10/17/06
Focus: Califone and Peter & the Wolf both touring in support of new releases, playing Salt Lake City tonight. Plus, new music from Herman Dune, Summer Hymns, Akron/Family, and more.

Califone, from Roots & Crowns: "Black Metal Valentine" (MP3)

Peter & the Wolf, from Lightness: "The Bonsai Tree" (MP3)



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