Tuesday, October 24, 2006

In House #1731: The Silent Years in Salt Lake City; New Pas/Cal

Chances are that it's baseball that comes to mind when one thinks of Detroit right at the moment. Either that, or a reversion to Detroit's default image of burning automobiles (or, okay, the White Stripes). In any case, such a discussion could soon include The Silent Years, a Motor City-based quartet (occasionally quintet) who released their self-titled debut today on the Minneapolis-based No Alternative label. Since reforming a couple of years back, they've been gaining attention on the strength of their energetic live performances, in particular the set they played at this year's SXSW festival, which had people buzzing. Theirs is a diverse mix of hook-filled indie-rock, melancholic pop, and periodic tinges from the folk side of things, bringing to mind the likes of everyone from Wilco to Sloan to the French Kicks. The range of styles may be the sound of a young band still trying to establish themselves, but it's all done so well it hardly matters. As chance would have it, The Silent Years are playing tonight at Salt Lake City's Kilby Court before returning to the region for late November dates in Boise and Missoula.

The Silent Years

In House #1731.
Airdate: 10/24/06
Focus: Self-titled debut from The Silent Years, playing Salt Lake City tonight. Plus, new music from The Dears, Pas/Cal, Albert Hammond Jr., The Awkward Stage, and more.

The Silent Years, from The Silent Years:
"Someone to Keep Us Warm" (MP3)
"Sharks" (MP3)

The Silent Years' "Someone to Keep Us Warm":


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