Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Show Post: In House #1513

Guerolito is, of course, the new remix album of Beck's Guero, featuring remixes of every song on the album by the likes of Air, Boards of Canada, E-Pro and others. As with any project of this sort, there are hits and misses. In the best instances, the songs are given a whole new dressing that works well while not taking away from the appeal of the original version-- Octet's stripped down remix of "Girl," for example. If nothing else, Guerolito reminds us that its original version was one of the more interesting releases of 2005 for little else than its Beck-ness.

In House #1513.
Airdate: 12/14/05
Focus: New remix album from Beck, Guerolito, plus new music from the Go! Team and more.

BONUS- from Beck's Guerolito: "Girl (Octet Mix)" (MP3).



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