Monday, December 12, 2005

Show Post: In House #1511

A few years back, Jets to Brazil bassist Jeremy Chatelain decided to try something completely different, recording a twang-flavored solo EP under the name Cub Country. Two full-length releases later, Cub Country has now evolved into a full-time quartet, with their most recent release being last year's Stay Poor/Stay Happy. Chatelain returns home to the Wasatch Front tonight as Cub Country opens for David Dondero at Salt Lake City's Kilby Court.

In House #1511.
Airdate: 12/12/05
Focus: David Dondero & Cub Country in Salt lake City tonight, plus new music from Cat Power, Riviera and more.

BONUS- from Cub Country's latest: "Missed the Train" (MP3).



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