Thursday, October 13, 2005

Show Post: In House #1471

The Posies may have had one of the worst attempts at a break-up in history, as they continued to release archived material and play "reunion" shows long after their supposed final album Success was released in 1999. Not that anyone here is complaining-- and if you're going to be lousy at something, it may as well be breaking up something beautiful. So it is that 2005 saw the official return of the Posies with Every Kind of Light, released earlier this year on Rykodisc. The new Posies consist of a new rhythm section, Matt Harris and Darius Minwalla, along with mainstays John Auer and Ken Stringfellow (which means, if you're keeping track at home, that the old half of the Posies is also the new half of Big Star, but I digress). The band is touring the western U.S. throughout the month of October, many of those dates with San Francisco's Oranger, and hit Salt Lake City and Boise this weekend.

In House #1741.
Airdate: 10/13/05
Focus: The Posies in Salt Lake City and Boise this weekend, plus new music from Oranger, Supergrass, Clem Snide and more.


In House PODCAST #1


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