Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In House #1851: The Rosebuds' Night of the Furies; Elk City's New Believers

United in love and music, the married duo that make up North Carolina's Rosebuds returned last week with their third full-length for Merge records, entitled Night of the Furies. To hear it, though, you'd hardly know it was them. After two albums of sometimes blissful, sometimes wistful indie pop laden with hooks, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp perform a musical about-face with a collection of songs glossed over by synths, drum machines, and dance beats. They've traded in their Go-Betweens records for New Order and even the Pet Shop Boys, in other words, and once one gets over that shock it works quite well. Often dark and occasionally deliberately kitschy, anthemic choruses abound on Furies, notably on both the title track and the dancefloor leaning, "Get Up Get Out." Elsewhere, "Silja Line," rides the only naked guitar passage on the album to a slow burn and eventual choral climax with guest vocals from the Shout Out Louds. The Rosebuds begin an extensive U.S. tour in mid-May.

Also today, the first new release in five years from Elk City, New Believers, which came out yesterday on Friendly Fire. The band announced their arrival back in 2000 with the promising if uneven status, and returned a couple of years later on Touch & Go with Hold Tight the Ropes. A few line-up changes later, including the addition of Luna's Sean Eden, and Elk City sounds better than ever. Renee LoBue's siren vocals continue to lead the charge, as she makes more than good on the "female Bowie" comparisons she's enjoyed over the years. Look no further than one of this year's best singles, "Los Cruzados," for definitive proof of Elk City's rebirth.

In House #1851.
Airdate: 4/18/07
Focus: New releases from The Rosebuds, Night of the Furies, and Elk City, New Believers. Plus, new music from The Concretes, Feist, Blonde Redhead, and more.

The Rosebuds, from Night of the Furies:
  • "Get Up Get Out" (MP3)

    Elk City, from New Believers:
  • "Los Cruzados" (MP3)
  • "Cherries In the Snow" (MP3)


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