Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In House #1845: The Asylum Street Spankers Play Boise Tonight

The irreverence of the Asylum Street Spankers makes a rare appearance in the region tonight, as they play The Neurolux in beautiful downtown Boise. The Austin, TX-based outfit has been bringing their unique and varied sound (marked by instances of political smart-aleckry, blue humor, and assorted strains of retro) to the people since 1994. Their seventh and latest studio full-length, Mommy Says No!, is a bit more "child-oriented," shall we say, than we've heard from The Spankers in the past, but still manages to come across like they might sound if Shel Silverstein joined the group. Still, for a band whose past catalog includes EPs with titles like Naughty Novelties and Dirty Ditties, not to mention the full-length ode to substance use Spanker Madness, the new release represents uncharted territory.

Asylum Street Spankers

In House #1845.
Airdate: 4/10/07
Focus: The Asylum Street Spankers in Boise tonight, plus new music from Asleep at the Wheel, Jon Rauhouse, John Doe, and more.

Asylum Street Spankers, from Spanker Madness (2000):
  • "Winning the War On Drugs" (MP3)
    ...and recorded live in Rochester, NY (2004):
  • "Asylum Street Blues" (MP3)

    John Doe, from A Year In the Wilderness (due 6/12):
  • "The Golden State" (MP3) (with Kathleen Edwards)

    The Linemen, from Through Side One:
  • "Through Side One" (MP3)

  • BONUS Vid-
    Asylum Street Spankers' "Stick Magnetic Ribbons On Your SUV":


    In House PODCAST #291

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