Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In House #1827: SXSW: Diamonds In the Rough

Sure, you know that the likes of Spoon, Robyn Hitchcock, Clem Snide, and Midlake are playing this year's South By Southwest fest in Austin, TX. You know that it features returns from varying degrees of legendary artists, The Stooges to Charlie Louvin to the Meat Puppets (not to mention Public Enemy). But did you know that Brighton, MA is a) A band, B) Not from anywhere near Massachussetts, and C) Also playing SXSW this year? NO? How about The Deaths, or perhaps Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5? We've scoured the 1300 or so acts and come up with a few of the lesser knowns, those acts that are not household names by indie or any other means. Diamonds in the SXSW rough, if you will. A similar excursion last year led us to such before they were famous mentions of The Whigs, Jenny Owen Youngs, and Jim Noir, as well as some that should have been but weren't like The Sundresses and Black Joe Lewis.

In House #1827.
Airdate: 3/14/07
Focus: SXSW 2007 with an emphasis on lesser known acts playing the festival, including names like Brighton, MA, The Deaths, Illinois, Ruth Minnikin, and more.

(A few of the worthwhile lesser-known acts playing this year's SXSW that we managed to come across)

  • Brighton, MA: "Bet You Never Thought" (MP3)

  • Illinois: "Alone Again" (MP3)

  • The 1900s: "Bring the Good Boys Home" (MP3)

  • The Deaths: "Turn For the Worst" (MP3)

  • The Golden Boys: "If I Can't Hold You In My Arms" (MP3)

  • David & the Citizens: "The End" (MP3)

  • Ruth Minnikin: "Southern Misfortune" (MP3)

  • More to come tomorrow...


    In House PODCAST #275

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    Thanks for the good word! We really enjoyed your podcast- Please send us your address so we can mail you a copy of our ep.

    Brighton, MA

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