Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Attic #3 (Random Junk)


So it would appear that after much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth, Blogger has settled into a relative stasis following the switch In House made to its new version. Displays, podcasts, etc. should all be in proper working order now-- if not, drops us a quick note, won't you?

*In other news, see that "Public Radio Talent Quest" banner on the left sidebar? (It looks a lot like this:
The Public Radio Talent Quest

only bigger). It is what it sounds like: beginning in April, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Public Radio Exchange will be accepting audio entries from all sorts of non-professional (read: non-established NPR types) radio hosts and potential radio hosts in looking for the next Ira Glass, Nic Harcourt, etc. Details and all are behind the button, but just an FYI in case you want to vote for, you know, anyone and their content when the time arrives. Just so you know, no pressure.

*Few things, we like to think, are better than a swell new t-shirt emboldened with witty images that declare to the passer-by, "I have intelligence AND a sense of humor," or "No, the irony is not lost on me," or "You will not understand this in the few seconds you have to upload it into your brain before I have walked by." That's just good stuff. The creative and charitable bunch at Threadless have just begun a $10 Spring Broke (get it?) T-Shirt Sale, meaning that nearly every single one of their bazillion stellar T's can be had for a Hamilton (+S&H). The best news is, buy it here and In House benefits, which is good. Among the shirts for your consumption: the newly crowned Decemberists contest winner, "The Soldier Returns," a shirt that perfectly captures the seagoing, war-fighting side of Colin Meloy and company. Or, if topical hilarity is more your bag, nothing says life during (21st century) wartime like, "MP(3)." Really now, can you lose with this? Buy a bunch here.

*Finally, looking for some way to attract musically-savvy, stunningly attractive people to your website so that you can tell them about your event/obsession/get rich quick scheme/plan to save the world/super extra-special product for sale/etc? Yes? Then why not go the In House route and advertise on the blog or, better, the podcast, or, best yet, both? Space is available for reasonable terms, and we'd be more than happy to subtly suggest to our reasonably large stable of consistent visitors that they head your way. Interested? Inquire within (no obligations, it's just an email: inhouseradio.blogspot.com).

Thanks for visiting, reading, listening.

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Anonymous Maggie said...

Listeners can vote for the Talent Quest?

Remind us when we can go over and vote for any, uh, favorites we may have. *wink* *wink*

3:04 PM  

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