Thursday, March 01, 2007

In House #1818: Dios (Malos), The Spinto Band, The Changes in Salt Lake City

It's a three for the price of one indie-pop bombardment tonight in Salt Lake City as Kilby Court hosts Dios (Malos), The Spinto Band, and The Changes, all of whom are heading towards the Noise Pop 2007 Fest this weekend in San Francisco.

After changing their name from "dios" after receiving a cease and desist from medieval butt-rocker Ronnie James Dio, Dios (Malos) released their second album late in 2005. As opposed to their first self-titled release (under the name dios), their second was a decidedly sunnier affair with head-nodders like "Feels Good Being Somebody," and "I Feel Fine All the Time." Dios (Malos) is based in southern California.

Delaware's Spinto Band released their debut full-length Nice & Nicely Done originally in 2005 before it was discovered by more or less everyone in 2006 and released on Virgin. One distinguishing characteristic of the band is their tender age, with many of them clocking in at under 19 at the time of the of the album's recording (and looking even younger).

Also on tonight's bill are Chicago's Changes, a band marked by a high-energy, slippery to define sound. Occasionally, an eighties vibe is discerned-- particularly in the places where their synthy keyboards are used to full effect. Other times, it's an almost Kinks-ish scent wafting from the band. Their second full-length Today Is Tonight was released last September.

In House #1818.
Airdate: 3/1/07
Focus: Dios Malos, The Spinto Band, and The Changes together tonight in Salt Lake City, plus new music from The Parson Redheads, The Papercuts, and more.


In House PODCAST #268

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