Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In House #1821: The Arcade Fire's Neon Bible Out Today; New Page France

Just in case you're somehow not aware, Montreal's Arcade Fire return with their second full-length today, entitled Neon Bible. The effort is, of course, their follow-up to 2004's Funeral, the nearly universally-praised debut that came out of nowhere to propel the band to indie star status. Later came stage sharings with the likes of David Byrne and U2, among others. Where there might be discernible pressure, however, The Arcade Fire doesn't appear to be letting on. Neon Bible is, at the very least, a creation worthy of its predecessor; at best, it's a musically and lyrically complex epic that expands Funeral's scope while maintaining its sincerity and indignation. While the stepping stones can still be traced to the likes of the Talking Heads, early U2, and The Clash, at least one unlikely musical nod creeps into the new songs here and there, with the ghost of early Springsteen hovering over songs like "Keep the Car Running," and "Antichrist Television Blues." It adds up to a kind of bleak grandeur: assessing the current state of the world as darkness, followed by a righteous rejection of this fact as completely unacceptable. While this may not be entirely new territory for artists of any ilk, the Arcade Fire's methods are transcendent where they might have been cringe-worthy and naive. The release follows a recent string of dates that is perhaps most accurately referred to as a barnstorming, with packed to the gills shows on both sides of the Atlantic marked for their spontaneity and passion, beginning in the audience and ending in the foyer. Often, people can get swept up in the waves created by such spectacles for reasons that are anything but musical. In this case, the hype surrounding it all appears completely deserved.

The Arcade Fire

In House #1821.
Airdate: 3/6/07
Focus: New release out today from the Arcade Fire, Neon Bible, plus new music from VietNam, Page France, Apostle of Hustle, Elk City, and more.

BONUS MP3s from today's show-
The Arcade Fire, from Neon Bible:
  • "Black Mirror" (MP3)

    David Vandervelde, from The Moonstation House Band:
  • "Murder in Michigan" (MP3)

    Elk City, from New Believers (due 4/17):
  • "Los Cruzados" (MP3)


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