Thursday, December 07, 2006

In House #1761: The Format Live In Studio

Who needs a record label anymore, especially a major one? Examples of successful out-of-the-label-loop acts abound these days, from those better off after being rejected (Wilco, Cracker, Nellie McKay) to those who have never had a label in the first place (Bishop Allen, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). Arizona's The Format, however, may be one of the few who have changed musical directions in order to get dropped. Apparently, it worked. Atlantic records, unenamoured with the decidedly more adventurous and musical tone of some of the new songs that would eventually make up Dog Problems, granted the band's wish, leaving them to record and release the album on their own. The result is nothing short of a few light years ahead of the bands The Format is, for whatever reason, generally grouped with-- think more Kinks and Beatles than FalloutRomanceRejects. The production often ventures into circusy, Jon Brion-like territory with Jellyfish's Roger Manning behind the controls resulting in unclassifiable gems like the title track. Elsewhere, it's a Cars vibe that inhabits the high-energy "Oceans," and "Time Bomb," jaunts along nicely to what we dare say is almost a disco beat. The Format play Idaho State University's Student Union Ballroom tonight.

In House #1761.
Airdate: 12/07/06
Focus: The Format's Nate Ruess live in-studio, plus new music from Band of Horses, +/-, The Little Ones, and more.

The Format, from Dog Problems:
"The Compromise" (MP3)
"She Doesn't Get It" (MP3)

Band of Horses, from The O.C. Mix, Vol. 6: Covering Our Tracks:
"The End's Not Near" (MP3)

The Format's "Dog Problems":


An Interview with The Format's Nate Ruess

In House PODCAST #220


Blogger bradford said...

I stumbled upon the blog about a week ago and have loved listening to each show as soon as it is posted. It brings back great memories of my days in Pocatello.

I graduated from ISU in 2002 and now I live in Washington DC where I follow the live music scene with interest (esp 9:30 club). If you can believe it, I got my musical roots listening to your show during my last couple of years at ISU. I always tried to tune in to hear and learn about the best selection of unique tunes on the dial. Thanks for helping me to become a lifelong music fan, Jeremy.

I also learned to love live music while at ISU. One of my first concerts was 'Death Cab for Cutie' when they played at the Bengal Cafe in 2000 or 2001. Since, I have been to over 100 shows including several music festivals (ie: Bonnaroo). In fact I just saw My Morning Jacket and The Slip last Monday. They put on the bust live show of the year! Thanks again and keep the tunes a spinnin.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

hey, wow. what can i say? glad i could help out. glad you've been able to make it out to the world where stuff happens, too (i dream of it often). you're lucky to have the 9:30 club there, obviously, lots of great stuff going through there all the time including stuff that never tours out west.

interesting you were at the death cab show-- that was the first major to-do i booked as the program board concerts chair, so that holds a special little place in my memory-- particularly having seen what the band's done since.

thanks again-- it might sound corny but comments like this are my fuel.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous humper said...

that is "best live show of the year", not bust - slightly different. They also rocked at Bonnoroo by inviting oversized animal puppets and a white haired conductor on stage with them - crazy.

What other shows did you bring to ISU? I remember one crazy show where the band was dressed in superhero outfits and they played the accordion and brass instruments (amongst other things). I have a feeling you were behind that gig too. It was a great show, but now I can't remember the band.

Did you catch DCFC and FF last year on tour? I'm sure they stopped by the area. We caught them here at the DAR Constitution hall and had a good time. I have never seen a more eclectic mix of ages in a crowd. There were 30-somethings that obviously went back to their roots and a flock of young teenagers in love with the band after the 'OC' plug. Franz was amazingly energetic and played with some serious foot stomping zeal.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Yeah, that crazy show was a band from Portland called The Dolomites. Sadly, they're not around anymore, but they were most definitely insane. I have a couple of in-studio mp3s from them I'll have to post for you. I was proud of what we were able to do that year with our budget: Death Cab, Kelly Joe Phelps, That One Guy & the Magic Pipe (who had to be seen to be believed, and I think I heard that he just recently sigend to Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe label), Pedro the Lion, and Damien Jurado, among other things. That was a good year.

I've seen Death Cab a few times since, but not for a couple of years now. My favorite album is still by far "we have the facts and we're voting yes," so they're not to me what they once were. But if I had to pick a live show of the year, it's probably gotta be The Decemberists at the Wilma Theatre in Missoula last month (not that I have the huge number to choose from that you do).

2:27 PM  

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