Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In House #1755: TK Webb's Phantom Parade; New Jesse Sykes

There's a kind of mystique surrounding the Missouri-bred, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter TK Webb that dates back to his time as something of a child prodigy in the mid 1980's. So the story goes, Webb was what might be called a Led Zeppelinian disciple in his early youth, and by the age of nine had mastered a good portion of the Page-Plant songbook on his guitar. By the time he was thirteen, he was playing in bands alongside old guys, no doubt cringing at yet another request for "When the Levee Breaks," before adding harmonica to his list of mastered instruments. Fast forward to the present: the 28 year-old Webb has just released his second album, Phantom Parade (out on The Social Registry), and while it might hint at some of the more psychedelic blues and folk elements in Zeppelin's music, there are also clear nods to American blues masters and porch-stompers like Robert Johnson, and the increasingly fervent New York City Americana scene that has produced acts like Oakley Hall, among others. Webb has gained a reputation around his adopted hometown as something of a secret musical genius, likley fostered in part by the presence, the weight of life lived that belies his comparatively young age. The secret, it would seem, won't be kept for much longer.

TK Webb

In House #1755.
Airdate: 11/29/06
Focus: New release from TK Webb, Phantom Parade, plus new music from Jesse Sykes, Willie Nelson, Ramsay Midwood, Gob Iron, and more.

TK Webb, from Phantom Parade:
"Phantom Parade" (MP3) and "Oh Baby No" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #215

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