Monday, November 27, 2006

In House #1753: New & Upcoming Releases From Sloan, The Figgs

We start off a rather slow musical week today with new material from a couple of bands whose careers have followed along similar trajectories. Both Sloan and The Figgs have enjoyed what might be called "cult status" over the course of their extended outputs, with much of their respective fanbases based in the geographic location they have in common (Sloan hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, while The Figgs are from New York state). With consistently enjoyable results, both bands have been carrying the torch passed on by power pop forefathers like Big Star and The Raspberries for the past two decades (Sloan turned 15 this year, while The Figgs are pushing 20), and garnering far less than their share of attention for the trouble. For their eighth studio release and first since 2003's Action Pact, Sloan has packed thirty new songs onto one disc and an album they've titled Never Hear the End of It, which one supposes the band hopes doesn't become prophetic. Full of the 70's-flavored-power-pop-with-a-side-of cheese on which Sloan's discography has been built, the album was already released in late September in Canada on ViK. Recordings-- look for its U.S. release early in 2007 on yep roc.

The Figgs' latest, meanwhile, represents their first output since the 2004 double-album Palais announced to many that the band is only now peaking. Follow Jean Through the Sea drops tomorrow, representing The Figgs' seventh full-length and first for the Gern Blandsten label. Like Sloan's newest, it doesn't necessarily represent a departure from previous material, but it does serve up a slice of guitar-driven pop perfection that's more than worth the 33 minutes of your time in which it blurs by.


In House #1753.
Airdate: 11/27/06
Focus: New and upcoming releases from Sloan, Never Hear the End of It, and The Figgs, Follow Jean Through the Sea. Plus new music from Paul Westerberg, The Walkmen, and more.

The Figgs, from Follow Jean Through the Sea:
"Breaking Through These Gates" (MP3) and "Don't Hurt Me Again" (MP3)

Sloan, from Never Hear the End of It:
"Fading Into Obscurity" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #213


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