Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In House #1746: Bishop Allen, Starlight Mints, Matt Pond PA In the Area Tonight

From where we sit at least, one of the more interesting things going on in the musical year 2006 has been the EP-a-month series from Boston-born, Brooklyn-based act Bishop Allen. Having written themselves into an unsatisfactory corner following the release of their debut Charm School, the band decided to approach songwriting a little differently by concentrating less on writing a "Bishop Allen song," and more on writing whatever their muse presented. It must have worked: ten EPs and nearly forty new songs later, they're just two months short of an entire year's worth of blissed out indie pop nuggets, the October EP having been made available this week. The band makes a couple of rare appearances in the intermountain west this week, beginning tonight at The Neurolux in Boise before moving on to Velour in Provo, UT tomorrow night. Also on the bill (in fact, headlining it) are the Starlight Mints. The band released their first album for Barsuk earlier this year, entitled drowaton, making good on the darker and more adventurous pop moments hinted at with their first two efforts.

In House #1746.
Airdate: 11/15/06
Focus: Bishop Allen, Starlight Mints, and Matt Pond pa all playing in the area tonight, plus new music from The Shins, Mazarin, The Silent Years, Oxford Collpase and more.

Bishop Allen, from the October EP:
"Clementines" (MP3)

...and the September EP:
"Like Castanets" (MP3)

..and the June EP:
"The Same Fire" (MP3)

...and the March EP:
"The Monitor" (MP3)

...and the February EP:
"The News From Your Bed (MP3)

Mazarin, released upon the occasion of their recently announced retirement:
"Your Advice" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #208


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