Monday, November 06, 2006

In House #1740: Melvern Taylor's Fabuloso; New Super XX Man

Maybe it's the fact that he backs himself with a ukulele, or the down-and-out but recognizable protagonists that litter songs like "Sad & Blue," and "Working Stiff." Maybe it's the dejected but resigned looking underdog in the old suit we see on his website. Whatever the case, there's something imminently likeable about Lowell, MA-based singer-songwriter Melvern Taylor and his music. With hints of Tom Waits, The Beatles and Elvis Costello's earlier, more off-beat moments, Taylor's Fabuloso is an impressive procession of twelve circus sideshow pop songs that have a decidedly old-world feel about them. Backed by his Fabulous Meltones, Taylor's happy to be sad tunes pack a helluva charm-- the unlikely falsetto he employs on the aforementioned "Sad & Blue," is particularly irresistable in all of its tongue in cheek(?) sorrow. Originally recorded in 2003, Fabuloso has been recently re-released by Platform-1 Entertainment ahead of a forthcoming release, Good Time Flavor, due from the band in the next few months on Mill Town Records. Taylor and his band have a Sunday residency throughout the month of November at TOAD in Cambridge, Massachussetts.

Melvern Taylor

In House #1740.
Airdate: 11/06/06
Focus: Recent release from singer-songwriter Melvern Taylor, Fabuloso, plus new music from Super XX Man, Erin McKeown, Nellie McKay, and more.

Melvern Taylor, from Fabuloso: "Sad & Blue" (MP3) and "Nothing Good" (M3U)


In House PODCAST #203


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