Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In House #1690: An Interview With Josh Ritter; New Bob Dylan, Hem

About the recent Josh Ritter media blitz we've been experiencing: it ain't quite over yet. Today we feature an interview with Ritter that took place after Sunday night's performance at the Redfish Lake Lodge near Stanley, ID as part of the on-going Music From Stanley series. We caught up with Ritter amongst the din raging outside his cramped quarters in the lodge and asked him about his early development as an artist, his decision to work with producer Brian Deck, and the songwriting on his latest release, The Animal Years. Special thanks go to Ryan Peck, Jamon Anderson, Dylan Anderson, and Shawn Murdock, all of whom helped, in various capacities, to make the meeting happen.

Josh Ritter last weekend in Stanley, ID

In House #1690.
Airdate: 8/23/06
Focus: An interview with Josh Ritter, plus new music from Hem, Bob Dylan, Mason Jennings and more.


In House PODCAST #162


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Great interview. I'm glad it was online.

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