Sunday, October 16, 2005

Podcasts Are a Go......

I'm very pleased to announce that, after much forehead kneading and wringing of hands, podcasts of In House are now available. One thing's for sure, it's not the most unconvoluded set-up process by any means, and it may take some looking around for details on how and why and where they work on your part-- but the bottom line, as with all podcasting, is that you don't have to be there in the immediate to hear the show. Rather, it's delivered to you and you listen whenever you feel like it-- or not at all-- or only to those select places in the playlist that interest you.

First things first, a podcast is essentially just a large mp3 file. This means that if you're not interested in the "delivered to you" portion of the description, you can just download and listen to the mp3 on the blog. If you're looking for podcasting, simply scroll down the page until you come to the buttons for several podcasting applications; "my yahoo," "podnova," and "odeo," are several examples of these-- I find "iPodder" the easiest to use. The In House feed is supplied by feedburner, meaning that you would want to enter this when prompted for a feed in which to subscribe: The application program should do the rest for you. You don't need an iPod or an mp3 player to receive podcasts-- they'll play on any source on which any standard mp3 will play.

I would expect podcasts to be available within the 24 hours following the end of most (but not all) shows. There are already a couple posted: podcasts #1 and #2 for last Thursday's and Friday's broadcasts. Here's hoping you enjoy. Feel free to email your questions/comments/suggestions to


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