Friday, March 23, 2007

In House #1834: Great Lake Swimmers' Ongiara; Laura Gibson In the Area

Upcoming from the Great Lake Swimmers is Ongiara, the band's third album full of the kinds of beautifully stark and organic tunes that an Ontario winter might produce. Frontman Tony Dekker's songs easily recall Neil Young's early work, with nods to later artists like the Red House Painters and Iron & Wine included in the mix. He's at his best when he mixes imagery that is at once geographic and lovelorn romantic on the banjo-fueled "Your Rocky Spine," an ode to natural beauty found in disparate places. Ongiara, already available digitally, gets an official release next week in Canada, in April in Europe, and finally in the U.S. in May.

In House #1834.

Airdate: 3/23/07
Focus: Upcoming release from the Great Lake Swimmers, Ongiara, plus Laura Gibson and the Magnolia Electric Co. playing separately in the area this weekend, and new music from the Avett Brothers, Paul Duncan, Western States Motel, and more.


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