Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In House #1776: The Best of In House Live, 2006

On the first show of 2007, it's one final look back at 2006 as we highlight some of the more oustanding and interesting interviews and performances caught live in our studio. From locals like New South Fork to current buzz artists like Josh Ritter to legends like Wanda Jackson, 2006 was perhaps the best yet for live, original content on the show. Not that it was all planned that way: the Bay Area's Free Peoples dropped by the studio ten minutes before air time on a day back in February and managed to talk their way on to the show. The result was only one of the tightest, most innovative performances we've ever seen in that tiny studio space on the version they laid down of their "One Less Greedy Man." Regional talent also shined throughout the year, with great in-studio performances from Boise's The Invasion, Portland's Myshkin's Ruby Warblers, and Flagstaff, AZ's Brian DeMarco, among others. Again and again, the show was graced with an array of musical talent; again and again we were lucky to be in ts presence.

In House #1776.
Airdate: 1/02/07
Focus: The Best of In House Live, 2006 featuring Josh Ritter, Wanda Jackson, Free Peoples, Whitewater Ramble, and more.

BONUS MP3s from today's show-
Free Peoples, live In House, 2/10/06: "One Less Greedy Man" (MP3)
The Invasion, live In House, 2/24/06: "The New Rules" (MP3)
Snake Oil Stompers, live In House, 3/30/06: "Shake Your Curios" (MP3)
New South Fork, live In House, 6/30/06: "In the Twinkling of An Eye" (MP3)
Whitewater Ramble, live In House, 10/13/06: "Big River" (MP3)

Wanda Jackson's In House guest DJ set, 4/27/06

An interview with Josh Ritter, 8/20/06


In House PODCAST #231


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