Monday, November 14, 2005

Show Post: In House #1492

Once examples of just how badly up and coming bands can get screwed by major labels, Spoon are now the coverboys for what a great band can accomplish these days without a major label. Beginning with 2001's Girls Can Tell, they've released three unique but accessible albums (2002's Kill the Moonlight and this year's Gimme Fiction) on North Carolina indie Merge records that rank among any three album runs in the past couple of decades. Spoon plays Salt Lake City's Velvet Room tonight with the American Music Club opening.

In House #1492.
Airdate: 11/14/05
Focus: Spoon and the American Music Club tonight in Salt Lake City, plus new music from Rogue Wave, Sun Kil Moon and more.

BONUS- from the American Music Club's Love Songs for Patriots (2004):
"Ladies & Gentlemen" (MP3 stream).

BONUS- from Spoon's most recent, Gimme Fiction (2005):
"I Turn My Camera On" (MP3 stream).


In House PODCAST #16


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