Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Show Post: In House #1503

Whether they like it or not, Echo & the Bunnymen will probably always be thought of as an "eighties" band, having grown out of a milieu that included and/or includes acts like the Psychedelic Furs, New Order, and The Cure, among others. Interestingly, many of those bands have of late been challenging that label by enjoying an unexpected renaissance, having either reformed or risen from relative post-80's obscurity. Echo & the Bunnymen, now down to just two original members: Ian McCulloch & Will Sergeant, continue their own re-emergence with their fourth studio album since their 1997 comeback, entitled Siberia. The sound is vintage Bunnymen, with McCulloch's dark velvet vocals and Sergeant's hooks coming together to recall past releases like Crocodiles and Ocean Rain. The band sets out on the west coast leg of its latest U.S. tour tonight at the Big Easy in Boise.

In House #1503.
Airdate: 11/30/05
Focus: Echo & the Bunnymen in Boise tonight, plus new music from Belle & Sebastian, Soft, and more.


In House PODCAST #25

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Show Post: In House #1502

The venerable Merle Haggard is back with Chicago Wind, the fifth release in a career renaissance that began with 2000's If I Could Only Fly on the Epitaph/Anti label. The latest finds him back on Capitol, for better or for worse, with production values clearly more polished and a slight play to mainstream country radio readily apparent. Wrapped in the package, though, are new Haggard tunes that play a lot like vintage Haggard-- including the kind of political jabs he's never been afraid of taking. Along the way, he also covers Roger Miller and Willie Nelson, among others.

In House #1502.
Airdate: 11/29/05
Focus: New release from Merle Haggard, Chicago Wind, plus new music from Delbert McClinton, Dolly Parton and more.


In House PODCAST #24

Monday, November 28, 2005

Show Post: In House #1501

Singer-songwriter David Dondero's latest release is South of the South, his fifth studio full-length overall. Nothing much has changed in the formula for Dondero here, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. His lyrics are still wrought with dusty love-lorn scenes (country emo?) and the occasional political jab. Over the years, Dondero, particularly his vocals, has often been compared to Conor Oberst-- ironic, then, that the new album finds him on Oberst's Team Love label. Dondero is currently out on tour and hits Salt Lake City come December 12th.

In House #1501.
Airdate: 11/28/05
Focus: New release from David Dondero, South of the South, plus new music from Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis, Mendoza Line and more.

BONUS- from David Dondero's latest: "I've Seen the Love" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #23

Friday, November 25, 2005

Show Post: In House #1500

Well, what can I say? I feel like I should say something anyway-- 1500 shows seems like something of a milestone. Nearly six years ago, January 31, 2000, In House debuted with barely a title, let alone a decent idea of what the show might entail exactly. The comparative technological dark-age of KISU at the time not withstanding, a lot of things have happened since then, most significantly our recent independently-produced status, as well as the development of this blog and its related features: podcasting, mp3s and the like.

Personally, it's been an on the job training and then some for me, and I've been lucky enough for that training to include interviews with the likes of John Vanderslice, Mike Doughty, Kelly Joe Phelps, Jill Sobule, Damien Jurado, Chuck Workman, and scores of others local, regional and otherwise. Where it will stop, nobody knows, but I like to think I'm relishing it properly enough as it's happening.

My guests for the occasion today are locals the Lost Boys, an act that features a couple of guys who have been staples of the Pocatello, ID music scene for a while now, Uncle Bob Merle and John Heckler. Here's to the music and that which will come.

In House #1500.
Airdate: 10/25/05
Focus: 1500th edition of In House, featuring the music of the Lost Boys, playing tonight at Portneuf Valley Brewing in Pocatello.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

From In House to yours, a little Yo La Tengo with your tryptophan in the form of their version of William DeVaughn's funk-soul classic, "Be Thankful for What You Got" (MP3).

Regular shows resume tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Show Post: In House #1499

Chicago bluesman Nick Moss stops by the In House studio for a live performance and interview today. Moss, along with his band the Fliptops, is touring in support of his fourth and most recent release, Sadie Mae, out on his own Blue Bella imprint. True to the city from which he hails, Moss specializes in good old-fashioned Chicago-style electric blues. Nick Moss & the Fliptops play Michele's City Lights in Pocatello, ID tonight.

In House #1499.
Airdate: 11/23/05
Focus: Nick Moss & the Fliptops live In House, plus we remember Chris Whitley with selections from his catalog.


In House PODCAST #22

Chris Whitley 1960-2005

In a tough year for the blues, singer-songwriter Chris Whitley passed away from lung cancer early this week in Houston. He was 45. Whitley had released twelve full-length albums over the past fourteen years, the most recent being this year's Soft Dangerous Shores. Never one to stay with an established sound for long, Whitley developed a reputation as something of a musical chameleon-- from the straight-forward traditional blues rock of his 1991 debut, Living With the Law to the stripped down slide guitar & voice recording of last year's excellent War Crime Blues to the rather odd but lush electroni-blues of his latest venture. It was this searching, this sense of artistic adventure and risk that made him not only a unique modern-day bluesman, but a true artist as well.

From Soft Dangerous Shores (2005, Messenger): "As Day Is Long" (MP3).

From War Crime Blues (2004, Messenger): "Her Furious Angels" (MP3) and
"War Crime Blues" (MP3).

From Weed (2004, Messenger): "Big Sky Country" (MP3).

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Show Post: In House #1498

Now hailing from Brooklyn, the formerly Athens, GA-based Mendoza Line release their seventh full-length, Full of Light & Full of Fire today on Misra. The formula this time around is a familiar one for the band, with Shannon McArdle and Timothy Bracy again trading off on vocals and songwriting duties. The result is something like getting two completely different bands, with valid comparisons to be made to Bob Dylan, Chrissie Hynde, Harry Nilsson and 60's girl groups alike, depending where on the album one happens to be listening. The songs themselves tackle the big issues, mostly: love, sex, and politics-- and just in time for Thanksgiving dinner table conversation.

In House #1498.
Airdate: 11/22/05
Focus: New releases from the Mendoza Line, Full of Light & Full of Fire, and Okkervil River, Black Sheep Boy Appendix. Plus new music from Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Andrew Bird covers Bob Dylan and more.

BONUS- from the Mendoza Line's new release:
"Catch a Collapsing Star" (MP3), and "Mysterious in Black" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #21

Monday, November 21, 2005

Show Post: In House #1497

While the inordinate musical contributions of Scandivavia are not exactly a secret (Jens Lekman and the Kings of Convenience come readily to mind), one also doesn't expect alt-country, of all genres, to emanate o'er the slopes of Oslo. Enter Thomas Hansen, aka St. Thomas, who's just released his fifth full-length in the past five years, entitled Children of the New Brigade. With a sound based on artists he originally emulated, like Will Oldham, St. Thomas' Nynorsk-inflected pronunciation and often goofy lyrics find an unlikely backdrop in his Americana-flavored compositions, bringing to mind Oldham, as well as Sparklehorse, M. Ward, and even Neil Young. The new release is out on Racing Junior records, though it has yet to have a U.S. release date.

In House #1497.
Airdate: 11/21/05
Focus: Latest release from St. Thomas, Children of the New Brigade, plus new live music from Bonnie Prince Billy and more.

BONUS- from the new release from St. Thomas:
"Children of the New Brigade" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #20

Friday, November 18, 2005

Show Post: In House #1496

Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman seems to be many things: something of a goofball, most certainly(as many of his songs reveal), but also a passionate and prolific songwriter, and something of a genius one at that. Oh You're So Silent, Jens is out next week on Secretly Canadian records and collects three recent EPs and a smattering of singles, of which Lekman seems to have so many he had to open the Dept. of Forgotten Songs just so he had something to do with them.

In House #1496.
Airdate: 11/18/05
Focus: New release from Jens Lekman, Oh You're So Silent, Jens, plus new music from the Happies, Soft and more.


In House PODCAST #19

Friday Random Five (#11)

A fairly well and randomly seasoned mix here this week: twee, untwee, old, new, and a music video (which you may recall seeing on Night Trax or Friday Night Videos growing up). Enjoy the weekend, next week's merciful and short.

1- We'll start off with, coincidentally enough, one from today's show's focus, Jens Lekman (see more on him above). The Swedish singer-songwriter will be releasing Oh You're So Silent, Jens next week on Secretly Canadian records. "Black Cab" (MP3) originally appeared on last year's Maple Leaves EP and is included on the new full-length as well.

2- New Zealand imports the Brunettes are apparently the latest signee to the Sub Pop records label, with a new album scheduled for some time in the latter half of 2006. They've been described as an uber-twee marriage of 1965 and 1981. "Dancefloor" (MP3) comes from their 2002 debut, Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks.

3- Catfish Haven are a Chicago-based band named for the trailer park in which frontman George Hunter grew up. Their debut EP, Please Come Back is due out early in 2006 on Secretly Canadian-- here's the title track: "Please Come Back" (MP3).

4- David Dondero has drawn more than a few comparisons to Conor Oberst, mainly for his vocal stylings. It's ironic, then, that Dondero's new full-length, South of the South, is out on Oberst's Team Love label-- and it's pretty good, too. "I've Seen the Love" (MP3) is from it.

5- We close it with one of those music videos I was talking about-- if you're old enough you remember them. Brent Chasenek created the new video for John Vanderslice's excellent "Exodus Damage" (link), from this year's Pixel Revolt. And just for the hell of it, "Big Band Stars" (MP3) goes all the way back to Vanderslice's debut, mass suicide occult figurines.

enjoy. rinse. repeat.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Show Post: In House #1495

There have been more than a few solid various artists compilations released this year, both in the form of tributes and as support for a common cause. Among the latest and more interesting of these are's Help!: A Day In the Life, Razor & Tie's This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles' Rubber Soul, and Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim & Jeff Buckley, a U.K.-only release out on Full Time Hobby records. Even the best types of compilations find it difficult to be outstanding all the way through, and these are no different, offering up uneven moments here and there. Overall, though, the formulas are intriguing and generally deliver, with the likes of the well-established (Radiohead, Low, Cowboy Junkies, Belle & Sebastian), the recently established (Sufjan Stevens, the Magic Numbers, Kaiser Chiefs), and the relatively unestablished (Stephen Fretwell, Micah P. Hinson, Yonder Mountain Stringband).

In House #1495.
Airdate: 11/17/05
Focus: Selections from recent compilations, including Help!: A Day In the Life, This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles' Rubber Soul, and Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim & Jeff Buckley.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Show Post: In House #1494

For a myriad of reasons, live albums often fail miserably, doing less than justice to music for all but a small segment of rabid fans. Whether it's poor audio quality, lousy translation from stage to record, or excessive excess on the part of the band or the audience, something's generally awry in either the formula or the calculation. For the uninitiated, this is a shame, since these albums should serve as the best kind of primer to a band and their work-- after all, a good portion of a band's catalog is generally on display and, well, this is how the band actually sounds.

All of that having been said, Wilco's new double-live release (a rock & roll cliche, to be sure, but it matters not), Kicking Television: Live in Chicago is completely unbothered by any of the usual live recording issues. In fact, the sound is amazing. Of course, it doesn't exactly hurt that Wilco has the Wilco back-catalog to work with, and they pepper the set with a selection spanning all but their debut release (even slipping in a couple from the Mermaid Avenue releases). The result is a great band, now grown to a sextet, at their height-- with songs structured enough to avoid a live jam tranquilizer, but free enough to take some creative leaps of faith here and there.

In House #1494.
Airdate: 11/16/05
Focus: New live release from Wilco, Kicking Television: Live in Chicago, plus a new album from Edith Frost, It’s a Game, and the Kingsbury Manx in Salt Lake City tonight.

BONUS- from Wilco's new Kicking Television...: "Airline to Heaven" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #18

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Show Post: In House #1493

Hellbilly, psychobilly-- whatever label you want to slap on it, the Supersuckers have been wailing about sex, drugs, booze and satan for fifteen years now. Led by the magnetic Eddie Spaghetti, who himself has a new solo release out, the band has been blazing trails through the seedy bars of this nation over the course of twelve full-length studio and live albums as well as a handful of compilations and EPs. The Supersuckers hit Ego's in Salt Lake City tonight, touring in support of their most recent compilation, Devil's Food: A Collection of Rare Treats & Evil Sweets, out this year.

In House #1493.
Airdate: 11/15/05
Focus: The Supersuckers in Salt Lake City tonight, plus new music from the Strugglers, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and more.

BONUS- from the Supersuckers: "A Good Night for My Drinkin'" + interview (MP3)


Monday, November 14, 2005

Show Post: In House #1492

Once examples of just how badly up and coming bands can get screwed by major labels, Spoon are now the coverboys for what a great band can accomplish these days without a major label. Beginning with 2001's Girls Can Tell, they've released three unique but accessible albums (2002's Kill the Moonlight and this year's Gimme Fiction) on North Carolina indie Merge records that rank among any three album runs in the past couple of decades. Spoon plays Salt Lake City's Velvet Room tonight with the American Music Club opening.

In House #1492.
Airdate: 11/14/05
Focus: Spoon and the American Music Club tonight in Salt Lake City, plus new music from Rogue Wave, Sun Kil Moon and more.

BONUS- from the American Music Club's Love Songs for Patriots (2004):
"Ladies & Gentlemen" (MP3 stream).

BONUS- from Spoon's most recent, Gimme Fiction (2005):
"I Turn My Camera On" (MP3 stream).


In House PODCAST #16

Friday, November 11, 2005

Show Post: In House #1491

The venerable Depeche Mode play the cavernous and horrible-sounding E Center near Salt Lake City tomorrow night. The multi-phase band is touring in support of their latest, Playing the Angel, easily their best work since Songs of Faith & Devotion, if not since Violator. The formula that was experiemented with to mostly negative results in recent years appears to be back, particularly in Martin Gore's instrumentation, with songs like "Precious" and "John the Revelator" harkening back to Violator's best moments. On a personal note, while the band will no doubt show up looking considerably less than their ages, I'm feeling a bit old since it was twelve years ago this month that I saw them on the Songs of Faith & Devotion tour. It was my first real rock concert.

In House #1491.
Airdate: 11/11/05
Focus: Depeche Mode in Salt Lake City this weekend, plus new music from Kate Bush, Franz Ferdinand and more.


Friday Random Five (#10)

The end of the week is upon us once again and, maybe since it's such a dead-looking time of year, this week's five has more or less all newly-birthed material. In addition to the music, it's a random geographic assortment this week as well with New York, Chicago, North Carolina, Austin and (gasp) Utah all represented. Here's to your weekend....

1- First up is a band called Soft, who have just released their debut, The Soft EP. Although Soft's members hail from geographically disparate locations, they appear to make New York City their base having played numerous shows there over the past year or so. If there's indie lo-fi, there must be indie hi-fi-- "Higher" (MP3) most definitely falls into the latter.

2- Full of Light & Full of Fire is the seventh full-length from the consistently excellent and generally underrated Mendoza Line. As usual, Timothy Bracy and Shannon McArdle trade off on vocal duties, with hers lending that Chrissie Hynde thing to the mix. Take "Mysterious in Black" (MP3) for example. The album drops on Misra later this month.

3- Yet another kickass compilation from Chicago's Bloodshot records was recently released. For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records collects 42 tracks over two discs worth of new and previously unreleased material from Bloodshot artists past and present, as well as some who've never been on the catalog. Blanche is one of many Chicago-based acts on the compilation, and contributed the macabre "Redhead" (MP3).

4- North Carolina's Kingsbury Manx are currently touring in support of their recent Yep Roc release, The Fast Rise & Fall of the South. The band's fifth release includes "Ruins" (MP3).

5- The Happies come to us out of the not exactly vibrant Salt Lake City local music scene with a nod to the likes of Belle & Sebastian, The Boy Most Likely To and Stereolab. The CD release party for their second release, if we were really here, happens this weekend at Kilby Court. "Wahaka" (MP3) comes from last year's Meet the Happies self-release.

enjoy. rinse. repeat.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Show Post: In House #1490

Cover bands-- you can probably go to your downtown on any given weekend and have your pick of five of them, not that you'd want to have to pick any of them. A quick glance at the catalog of the Detroit Cobras, named for the city from which they hail, would suggest nothing more than a cover band. After all, despite having been around for ten years the band's first and only original number appears on their latest release, Baby. Still, the band manages to create music that sounds like their own even if it isn't. How? Instead of trying to write songs that sound vintage, they dig them up from obscure vinyl sides and breathe a new strut into them, Rachel Nagy's soulful, powerhouse vocals doing the brunt of the breathing-- and it doesn't hurt that most people have probably never heard the songs in the first place. Bloodshot recently gave Baby its proper U.S. release complete with a copy of the Cobras' 2003 EP Seven Easy Pieces. The Detroit Cobras play Salt Lake City's Velvet Room tonight.

In House #1490.
Airdate: 11/10/05
Focus: The Detroit Cobras and Steel Train play seperate shows in Salt Lake City tonight, plus music from the Yonder Mountain String Band and more.

BONUS- from the Detroit Cobras' most recent, Baby:
"I Wanna Holler (But the Town's Too Small)" (MP3).

BONUS- from Steel Train's 2003 EP, 1969, a version of CSNY's
"Helplessly Hoping" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #15

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Show Post: In House #1489

Descended Like Vultures is the latest release from San Francisco's Rogue Wave, an album that comes through on the promise of their early 2004 debut, Out of the Shadow. The formula is more less the same as the first go around, once again giving equal nods to the Kinks and northwest indie brethren like the Shins and Built to Spill. However, this time around lead singer Zach Rogue is joined by a full band after having played more or less everything but drums previously. After having had the luxury of coming out of nowhere for the debut, the simple fact that Descended Like Vultures delivers on big expectations should be enough to put the band in the company of acts like Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf, and the aforementioned Shins.

In House #1489.
Airdate: 11/09/05
Focus: Latest release from Rogue Wave, Descended Like Vultures, plus recent releases from the Long Winters, matt pond pa, Harvey Danger and more.

BONUS- from Rogue Wave's latest and today's show: "Publish My Love" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #14

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Show Post: In House #1488

The most recent project for singer-songwriters Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell is Begonias, out earlier this year on Yep Roc. The collaboration between the long-time friends sounds every bit as warm and comfortable as one would think it might, with many of the songs growing out of lazy Sunday afternoon hangouts in North Carolina.

Cary, of course, got her start in Whiskeytown back in the mid-90's, and has been one of the few thus far who has been able to weather Ryan Adams' volatility for any amount of time. Since Whiskeytown went dry, Cary has released two solo albums as well as one as part of Tres Chicas just last year. Cockrell, who now lives in Nashville, has a couple of solo releases to his credit as well, the last being 2003's Warmth & Beauty. The duo evokes images of a Conway & Loretta for the alt-country set. Currently touring together, Cary & Cockrell play at Ego's in Salt Lake City tonight.

In House #1488.
Airdate: 11/08/05
Focus: Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell in Salt Lake City tonight, plus selections from the new Bloodshot Records compilation, For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records.

BONUS- from the new Bloodshot Records compilation and today's show, the Deadstring Brothers: "Where Are All My Friends?" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #13

Monday, November 07, 2005

Show Post: In House #1487

Singer-songwriter Laura Veirs, featured here in one of our very first blog posts, visits the area early this week, playing at the Neurolux in Boise tonight, and at the Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City tomorrow night. Veirs, of course, is touring in support of her latest release, Year of Meteors, out earlier this year on Nonesuch records. Following the end of the tour in Seattle in a couple of weeks, she'll be touring with the Decemberists' Colin Meloy.

In House #1487.
Airdate: 11/07/05
Focus: Laura Veirs in Boise and Salt Lake City this week, plus new music from Cat Power, Kate Bush, and Edith Frost. Also, Joni Mitchell turns 62 today.


In House PODCAST #12

Friday, November 04, 2005

Show Post: In House #1486

In House goes local today as we showcase the music of southeast Idaho old-time bluegrass act the Wild Coyotes. The quartet brings their authentic old-time stringband act to the First Friday Coffeehouse Series tonight (7:30p.) in Pocatello, ID. The Wild Coyotes are one of a handful of notable acts in what is a particularly strong oldtime/bluegrass scene around the region. The band's latest release is Tunehead's Fancy.

In House #1486.
Airdate: 11/04/05
Focus: The Wild Coyotes play the First Friday Coffeehouse series in Pocatello tonight, plus music from Jim & Jennie & the Pinetops, Chatham County Line and Curtis Eller's American Circus.


Friday Random Five (#9)

So you may have noticed that one of the other random things about the Friday Five posts has lately been that they occur on random Fridays-- as opposed to, say, every Friday. Apologies, though you might view it in a "glass half full" kind of way, in which case you'll be pleasantly surprised when the posts actually happen on schedule. We do appear to be starting off the month of November on a positive, however, with all brand new and upcoming selections with which to spend the weekend.

1- First off, it's music from a band I've only just come across: Tapes n' Tapes, who appear to be from the Minneapolis area. "Insistor" (MP3) is an outstanding track from their rather impressive debut full-length, The Loon, just out on Ibid Records.

2- Rocky Votolato used to front the band Waxwing, an act that the Barsuk website rightly describes as "emo-stigmatized." Votolato's third solo release, makers, is due out on Barsuk in January-- "White Daisy Passing" (MP3) is from it.

3- The band Headlights hails from Champaign-Urbana, IL, and have just had their intially self-released debut EP, Enemies, issued by Polyvinyl records. The trio's debut full-length is slated for a Spring '06 release. "Tokyo" (MP3) appears on the EP.

4- spinART records has made the first of three volumes of early Clem Snide home recordings available through iTunes. Suburban Field Recordings, Vol. 1 features mostly solo home recordings from frontman Eef Barzelay as he was laying the groundwork for the, well, snide dark humor that would later be identified in his band's songs. "A Parable" (MP3) is included.

5- Detroit's Deadstring Brothers are the newest signee to the Bloodshot records label. Starving Winter Report hits in early 2006 as the band's debut for the label, from the sounds of things further cementing previous comparisons to the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Band, Gram Parsons and the Jayhawks. "Sacred Heart" (MP3) is an early sneak peek.

enjoy. rinse. repeat.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Show Post: In House #1485

British singer-songwriter Paul Weller is long way from the man who fronted the Jam beginning in the mid 70's and the Style Council later on in the 1980's. Upon beginning his solo career in 1992 with a self-titled release, Weller more or less dropped the styles he had sought in those bands for a more organic feeling soul sound, a change that was, somewhat surprisingly, very well received. Weller released his eighth solo studio album, As Is Now, last month on Yep Roc records, following up last year's very fine Studio 150 covers album. Many are saying that the new release ranks among the best of Weller's career.

In House #1485.
Airdate: 11/03/05
Focus: New release from Paul Weller, As Is Now, plus new music from Tom Verlaine, Fiona Apple, live Gomez and more.


In House PODCAST #11

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Show Post: In House #1484

The third wave of live albums resulting from the collaboration between New West records and Austin City Limits was released this week, featuring performances from Dwight Yoakam and John Hiatt, among others. PBS' ACL has celebrated its 30th anniversary in style this year by releasing CD/DVD versions of selected live performances from their archives. The Live from Austin, TX series sticks more to the country/americana side of things, with releases featuring the likes of Lucinda Williams, Son Volt, Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earle and more.

In House #1484.
Airdate: 11/02/05
Focus: New releases in the Live from Austin, TX series featuring Dwight Yoakam, John Hiatt and more, plus a new release from Bobby Bare, The Moon Was Blue, and more.

BONUS- from Dwight Yoakam's 1988 performance- "Please, Baby Please" (MOV).


In House PODCAST #10

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Show Post: In House #1483

Having already proven himself as a master of reinterpretation by rescripting the likes of John Denver, Neil Diamond and (two stellar albums worth of) Bon Scott-era AC/DC, former Red House Painters frontman Mark Kozolek returns today with an album of Modest Mouse covers, Tiny Cities, credited to his Sun Kil Moon incarnation. The release marks the second overall for Kozolek as Sun Kil Moon, following the excellent Ghosts of the Great Highway, released in 2003. Tiny Cities is the first release on his own Caldo Verde label.

Elsewhere, My Morning Jacket hit Club Sound in Salt Lake City tonight, touring in support of their most recent release, Z.

In House #1483.
Airdate: 11/01/05
Focus: New release from Sun Kil Moon, Tiny Cities, plus My Morning Jacket in Salt Lake City tonight and new music from Mother Hips, Rhett Miller and more.

BONUS- Sun Kil Moon from Tiny Cities- "Convenient Parking" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #9