Thursday, November 27, 2008

Looking for OPB's In House?

If you happen to have arrived here while in the midst of searching for some combo resembling "OPB" and "in house" then you've come to the right place-- well, almost. Fact is, what you see here is a relic, a never-to-be-updated-again dinosaur from the pre-OPB days (and given all of the now-dead links in the previous post, it seems some updating was in order).

So then, In House is the weekend radio arm of opbmusic, the online musical venture started by Oregon Public Broadcasting in June of 2007, with a 24/7 musical web presence that followed in November of 2007. This presence includes a continuous music stream, streaming archives of the most recently aired editions of In House, and on-demand streaming archives of scores of in-studio sessions, some of the most recent featuring John Vanderslice, Joan as Police Woman, Jolie Holland, Xavier Rudd, The Real Tuesday Weld, and more. In House, meanwhile, airs Saturday and Sunday nights from 8-11p. (PST) on the stations of OPB, including 91.5 in the Portland area. Got all of that so far? Good.

To sum up: In House is currently headquartered here, opbmusic's frontpage can be found here, and in-studio session archives are here. I hope that clears up any confusion there may have been.

That is all.
Site retired.
Signing off.
(Psst...come on! What are you waiting for?)

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