Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In House #1875: The National's Boxer; New Adult Swim Compilation

A couple of years ago, The National released what would prove to be a truly slow burn of an album with their third effort, entitled Alligator. Although it hit stores early in 2005, it received little more than a casual reception. By the time the end of the year lists were upon us, however, Alligator had worked its way into more than a handful of top fives. Others still wouldn't discover its brilliance until well into 2006. No chance of a similar scenario unfolding this time around, as The National's Boxer has been at the top of the "much anticipated" list for many for the last couple of months. A bit moodier and more reserved than its predecessor, the album is marked in its brooding dignity, as Matt Berninger's words and vocals once again cast a dark musical hue. Songs like "Fake Empire," "Mistaken For Strangers," and "Start a War," are moving even before one deciphers the cryptic lyrical snippets which comprise them, and the deliberate intensity is perhaps best coupled with the liquor of your choice. Measured, intelligent, and occasionally caustic, Boxer is music that requires listening. The rewards will follow. The National embarks on a North American tour beginning next week in New York.

The National

In House #1875.
Airdate: 5/22/07
Focus: New release from The National, Boxer, plus selections from a new compilation from Adult Swim, featuring music from Broken Social Scene, The Raveonettes, TV On the Radio, Sound Team, and more.

The National, from Boxer:
  • "Fake Empire" (MP3)
  • "Slow Show" (MP3)

    Selections from Warm & Scratchy, presented by [adult swim]-
  • The Raveonettes: "Dead Sound" (MP3)
  • The Brother Kite: "Half Century" (MP3)
  • TV On the Radio: "Me-I" (MP3)


    In House PODCAST #313

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