Monday, July 10, 2006

In House #1658: Scott H. Biram's Graveyard Shift, New Meat Purveyors, Frank Black

Primal blues and rock & roll with a country heart beating underneath-- that's how Bloodshot records describes Scott H. Biram's second release, Graveyard Shift, due out tomorrow on the Chicago-based label. It's an apt enough description, as what's most impressive about Biram's new effort is the stylistic ground he covers without coming across as an inauthentic dabbler. In one instance he's a gospel-blues stomper outta the deep south, in another he's a maniacal hellbilly frontman equipped with a wildcat yowl, these all before lamenting the truck-driver's life in tunes like "18 Wheeler Fever," a solid addition to a long tradtition of truck-driving songs. It all adds up to an outstanding collection of songs, most of which seem to suggest that Biram serves as an outlet for decades of real-life characters before him.

Scott H. Biram

In House #1658.
Airdate: 7/10/06
Focus: New release from Scott H. Biram, Graveyard Shift, plus new music from the Meat Purveyors, Johnny Cash, Frank Black and more.

Scott H. Biram, from Graveyard Shift:
"Been Down to Long" (MP3) and "Now Way" (MP3)

Meat Purveyors, from Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse!:
"Hanged Man" (MP3)

James Low, from Mexiquita:
"Mexiquita" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #134


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