Thursday, June 22, 2006

In House #1647: The Essex Green's Cannibal Sea; New Mojave 3, Lady & Bird

The Essex Green's third album is something of a pleasant surprise. The Brooklyn quartet recently released Cannibal Sea, a rather astounding assortment of songs influenced by everything from Motown and 60's pop to Greenwich Village and Fairport Convention. In addition to the wide range of sounds, the band seems to have turned the chipper control up a bit, ala recent releases from Belle & Sebastian and Mojave 3, and are that much more enjoyable for it. From the opening strains of "This Isn't Farm Life," it's clear that this will be no mope-fest, and the band shines throughout whether the lead vocal is being delivered by Chris Ziter, Sasha Bell, Jeff Baron, or some combination thereof. Cannibal Sea is available on Merge records.

The Essex Green

In House #1647.
Airdate: 6/22/06
Focus: Recent release from The Essex Green, Cannibal Sea, plus new music from Mojave 3, Camera Obscura, Matthew Friedberger, Lady & Bird and more.

The Essex Green, from Cannibal Sea:
"Rue de Lis" (m3u stream)
and "Don't Know Why (You Stay)" (m3u stream)


In House PODCAST #125


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