Thursday, June 08, 2006

In House #1637: Ron Sexsmith's Time Being; New David Mead, Jon Auer

In our opinion at least, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith has always been something of a criminally overlooked artist, despite achieving a deservedly rabid fanbase. Twenty years since the appearance of his debut, self-released cassette Sexsmith has just released his tenth full-length and third in the last three years (though last year's Destination Unknown was officially billed to he and Don Kerr), entitled Time Being. As with his other recent releases, producer Mitchell Froom is once again behind the controls, for better or worse moving Sexsmith further away from the autumnal sound of his early work (despite the fact that Froom produced most of those, too). A successful example of this is the Beatlesesque "The Grim Trucker," which sounds as if Sexsmith stopped by and recorded during sessions for The White Album. Elsewhere finds songwriting as warm and clever as ever on songs like "Jazz In the Bookstore," and "Ship of Fools." Available in most of the rest of the world, Time Being won't be released in the U.S. unitl late summer or early fall on a yet to be determined label.

Ron Sexsmith

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter David Mead has just released the follow-up to his very well-received 2004 album Indiana. Tangerine is the fourth effort from Mead, and finds him exploring some new sonic textures while offering up another batch of well-written tunes. He's currently touring in the northwest U.S.

David Mead

In House #1637.
Airdate: 6/08/06
Focus: New releases from Ron Sexsmith, Time Being, and David Mead, Tangerine. Plus, new music from Jon Auer, Micah P. Hinson, and Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs.

Ron Sexsmith, from Time Being: "The Grim Trucker" (MP3)

Sexsmith on Time Being, the players and production.

Jon Auer, from Songs From the Year of Our Demise:
"Six Feet Under" (MP3) and "Four Letter Word" (MP3)



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