Friday, January 06, 2006

Show Post: In House #1529

Something of a hodge-podge of a show today, as we get to the recently, soon to be and would have been released. To begin with the latter, the latest on the status of Nellie McKay's Pretty Little Head, which appeared headed for a Sony release as late as mid-December, is that she is no longer with the label and plans on releasing the album herself as soon as she's able to buy the recording back (ala Wilco). In any case, had all gone as planned, Pretty Little Head would have come out this week.

Nellie McKay

As for some interesting things we know will be coming out soon, Ray Davies drops his big return, Other People Lives, on V2 on February 7th. Meanwhile, the chameleon-like Elvis Costello releases a live recording of his performance at last year's North Sea Jazz Festival backed by no less than a 50-piece Dutch orchestra. My Flame Burns Blue is out February 28th on Deutsche Grammophon.

Elvis Costello

In House #1529.
Airdate: 1/6/05
Focus: New music from Nellie McKay, Elvis Costello, Ray Davies and more.

BONUS- from Costello's upcoming My Flame Burns Blue:
"Watching the Detectives" (LIVE) (MP3)


In House PODCAST #42


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Don't pester me for exact dates or anything but seems to me we have been listening to British Elvis for 30 years now.

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