Monday, October 31, 2005

Show Post: In House #1482

It's the In House Halloween special today, which always serves as a decent excuse for throwing a little of everything into the pot, with asthetics ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, eras spanning six decades and music from everyone ranging from Tom Waits to The Cure to long lost doo-wop groups from the fifties performing the likes of "Dead Man Stroll" and "Zombie Walk." Boo.

In House #1482.
Airdate: 10/31/05
Focus: Halloween Special 2005.

BONUS- from the North American Halloween Prevention Initiative (NAHPI), the video for the satirical benefit, "Do They Know It's Hallowe'en?" (MOV).

INTERACTIVE FUN- waste the day away carving pumpkins with the Gorillaz.


In House PODCAST #8

Friday, October 28, 2005

Show Post: In House #1481

There are a lot of positive words one might use to describe the music and general asthetic of Toronto band the Constantines: unassuming, gritty, honest, raw, unpretentious and the real deal all come to mind. Frontman Bry Webb has drawn comparisons to the likes of Joe Strummer and young Springsteen-- the hoarse, guttaral mmph at the center of a sound that's been called "arty dub punk." The band's latest, Tournament of Hearts, continues their string of big-hearted, passionate albums with more going on than you might catch on the first or fifth, or tenth listen. The third release for the band is out on Sub Pop in the U.S. and also serves as the swan song release for the wonderful Three Gut records in Canada.

In House #1481.
Airdate: 10/28/05
Focus: New release from the Constantines, Tournament of Hearts, plus Okkervil River in Salt Lake City this weekend and more.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Today's Show a No Go...

(Note: No show Thursday, pre-empted by no less than Women's Soccer Action. Catch the Constantines' new release, Tournament of Hearts, on the show tomorrow.)

BONUS- for your troubles, a number from the Constantines' previous release, Shine a Light- "On to You" (MP3).

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Show Post: In House #1480

For a born and bred Brit, singer-songwriter Peter Bruntnell does the Americana thing very convincingly. Although it's yet to have a U.S. release date, Bruntnell just released his fifth full-length, Ghost In a Spitfire, in the U.K. on Loose records. The album continues in the vein of things he's done in the past-- sort of a Nick Drake/ Tom Petty cross with a penchant for alt-country-- while adding elements of good old fashioned Brit-rock.

In House #1480.
Airdate: 10/26/05
Focus: New U.K. release from Peter Bruntnell, Ghost In a Spitfire, plus new music from Neil Young, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and more.

BONUS- from Peter Bruntnell's new album: "Ghost In a Spitfire" (MP3).


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Show Post: In House #1479

Outside of, say, having all of their equipment stolen right before a major tour, it's been a pretty good year for the Decemberists. 1- Their third full-length, Picaresque, was released last spring and has garnered rave reviews as well as newfound attention for the band. 2- They've been engaged in a very successful and seemingly never-ending tour, headlining festivals and such all over the place. 3- In addition, they also seem to be the darlings of, well, everybody-- snooty hipster music mags included. Add to all of this the fact that the stolen gear was (mostly) later recovered and you have the makings of a banner year. Could things get any better? Well, they're playing the Big Easy in Boise tonight, so I guess that's a start. Cass McCombs opens the show.

In House #1479.
Airdate: 10/25/05
Focus: The Decemberists in Boise tonight, plus selections from the "PDX Pop Now! 2005" compilation and new music from the Mendoza Line, Rogue Wave, Harvey Danger and more.

BONUS- Concert footage, a horizontal Colin Meloy serves up a live rendition of Morrissey's "I've Changed My Plea to Guilty," Lo-Fi Cafe, Salt Lake City, UT 3/28/05 (large file, high speed connections only)


In House PODCAST #7

Monday, October 24, 2005

Show Post: In House #1478

Chances are good that you're familiar with the duo playing at Salt Lake City's In the Venue tonight-- Iron & Wine and Calexico recently collaborated on the In the Reins EP (highlighted here) and are out on the road together. The plan for today's entry, then, was to give a little face time to a band you may not be so familiar with: San Francisco's Court & Spark, who were to be playing Kilby Court in Salt Lake City tomorrow night. Unfortunately, it appears that the band has been forced to cancel their planned fall tour for "a myriad of reasons which (they) can't/won't reveal." Nevertheless, the band gets some face time anyway as they've announced that they've recently finished their forthcoming album, I Want to Be a Gallant Rider Like My Father Was Before Me, due out on Absolutely Kosher in March. The planned release is the follow up to last year's very fine Witch Season, and the Court & Spark's fourth full-length overall.

In House #1478.
Airdate: 10/24/05
Focus: Iron & Wine and Calexico in Salt Lake City tonight, plus a spotlight on the Court & Spark and new music from C.Gibbs, Band of Horses and more.

BONUS- the Court & Spark live at the Doug Fir in Portland, OR (Summer, 2005)- "Sundowner, You" (MP3).


Friday, October 21, 2005

Show Post: In House #1477

Salt Lake City singer-songwriter Kate MacLeod has been a staple of that city's folk scene for years. Following a move from the east coast in 1979 to study in Salt Lake City at the Violin Making School of America, MacLeod made her roots in Utah, playing with a variety of Celtic, folk, bluegrass and oldtime stringband acts. Since then, she's appeared on a number of recordings, both as a solo artist and as a member of larger ensembles within which her genre-hopping fiddle skills have been a central element. Earlier this year, she released her first album with her current band, Kate MacLeod & the Pancakes, entitled Breakfast. The album manages to find a niche in that place where traditional Celtic music meets northern Americana, or what was eventually to become bluegrass. The quartet shines on a variety of originals and traditionals, as well as one Bob Dylan cover. Kate MacLeod joins us today for a live in-studio set in support of her band's appearance tonight at the Acoustic Cafe (208-232-9755) in Pocatello, ID.

In House #1477.
Airdate: 10/21/05
Focus: Kate MacLeod & the Pancakes live In House, plus the latest from Richard Thompson and more.


In House PODCAST #6

Friday Random Five (#8)

It's that time of the week again, the weekend spread out before us with the promise that the things that never happen for any of us on any weekend will, finally, happen this weekend. But I digress and, in the event that that's not the case, a rather special Random Five has been constructed this week made solely of brand new and soon to be released kinds of things (except for one, which is new but might not ever be released). Anyway, here's to your enjoyment of the selections, be they a soundtrack to, or a replacement for, whatever your weekend holds.

1- We begin with a track from Austin's Okkervil River, who are set to release an EP of songs that didn't quite make it onto their most recent full-length, Black Sheep Boy (surprisingly entitled Black Sheep Boy Appendix). It's out November 22nd on Jagjaguwar, and "No Key, No Plan" (MP3) will be on it.

2- I don't know a lot about singer-songwriter Edith Frost, but she's got a new album called It's a Game coming out on Drag City on November 15th. "Emergency" (MP3) is a song that will make you want hear the rest of it.

3- You may or may not have heard, but several Elliott Smith tracks were leaked this week, purported to be from the same sessions as the From a Basement On the Hill recordings. While that claim has been refuted for some of the songs, others have been confirmed-- "The Worst Part Is Almost Over" (MP3) is one of those.

4- Harvey Danger are back, as you may have seen on this blog a couple of weeks ago, and sound great on the new full-length Little By Little. They've also gotten some attention because they happen to be giving away the album as a download on their website. Here's a demo version of "Wine, Women & Song" (MP3), which appears in a slightly more poppy and horn-laden state on the new album.

5- A few years back the Red House Painters' Mark Kozolek released a couple of albums worth of AC/DC covers. Rock & Roll Singer and What's Next to the Moon ingeniusly reinterpreted Bon Scott-era AC/DC songs into Kozolek style folk, shedding a whole new light on the content and meaning of the songs. Kozolek's latest act, Sun Kil Moon, is set to release a Modest Mouse covers album entitled Tiny Cities on November 1st. The tracklist more or less covers the entire MM discography, with slightly more attention paid to their early catalog. If nothing else, the project promises complete re-realizations, as in this version of "The Ocean Breathes Salty" (MP3).

enjoy. rinse. repeat.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Show Post: In House #1476

It's hard to pin down the sound of dios (malos). Hailing from L.A.'s South Bay, the band has a style as diverse as the area in which they grew up. Sometimes it's Hendrix, others it's the Band or the Beach Boys, and, occasionally, it's the Pixies. In short, they're all over the map-- both musically and literally as the band has spent the past year and a half or so touring the country with the likes of the Fiery Furnaces, the French Kicks, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and others. dios (malos) (formerly just plain "dios", if not for a cease and desist letter from this clown. Still no word from dEUS on the matter) hit Salt Lake City tonight, playing at Club Halo in support of their second full-length, the self-titled dios (malos), out on Startime International.

In House #1476.
Airdate: 10/20/05
Focus: dios (malos) in Salt Lake City tonight, plus new music from My Morning Jacket, Laura Veirs and more.

BONUS- since it couldn't be played on-air, here's dios (malos') version of Beck's "Asshole" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #5

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Show Post: In House #1475

Probably best known as the front man for the Supersuckers over the past seventeen years, Eddie Spaghetti has only recently begun to do the solo thing, his debut coming on last year's The Sauce. Spaghetti must have enjoyed himself, because he's already back in solo form, releasing Old No. 2 this week. While the solo efforts aren't a huge departure from Supersuckers fare, they are a bit more subdued with Spaghetti trying his hand at more singer-songwriterly material. Aside from four originals, Spaghetti peppers the set with a diverse selection of covers, including songs by Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Nick Lowe and Tom Waits-- but also AC/DC and the Coasters. Meanwhile, the Supersuckers are gearing up for a tour with the Reverend Horton Heat, set to begin in November.

In House #1475.
Airdate: 10/19/05
Focus: New releases from Eddie Spaghetti, Old No. 2, and the Old 97s, Alive & Wired, plus the latest from Peter Bruntnell, Greg Walsh, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and more.


In House PODCAST #4

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Show Post: In House #1474

It's been four long years since the Silver Jews graced us with the wit of Bright Flight. From the sounds of things, those four years have been longer for no one more than David Berman, essentially the sole actual member of the band. He's spent that time struggling with depression, drug addiction and an attempted suicide in the form of a deliberate overdose. From the sounds of things, he's "come through," as they say, joined on Tanglewood Numbers by former brothers-in-Pavement Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich, Will "Bonnie Prince Billy" Oldham, and Bobby Bare Jr., to drop a few names. The result, it appears, is an album that sounds very much like the Silver Jews in some ways and not very much in others-- meaning that the poetry and wit of Mr. Berman are very much intact, but the production values are higher and less stripped down. Tanglewood Numbers is out today on Drag City records.

In House #1474.
Airdate: 10/18/05
Focus: New release from the Silver Jews, Tanglewood Numbers, plus new music from the Deadly Snakes, selections from the Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse soundtrack and more.


In House PODCAST #3

Monday, October 17, 2005

Show Post: In House #1473

About three years ago, Anti records rebirthed the great soul artist Solomon Burke with the wonderful Don't Give Up On Me. Everthing about that project-- the production, the composers, the song selection-- was fresh and new, essentially allowing for Burke to do his classic thing within a new realm of modern. The new release from soulstress Bettye LaVette, I've Got My Own Hell to Raise, has a similar feel to it as she covers everyone from Sinead O'Connor to Dolly Parton to Joan Armatrading. Much like Burke's release, people are suddenly saying, "Where did she come from?" calls her a "perennial cult favorite," while Anti points out the "vagaries of the popular music industry" that have kept her "criminally unknown" despite the fact that she's been recording for four decades. From the appearance of things, she may not be unknown for much longer.

In House #1473.
Airdate: 10/17/05
Focus: New release from Bettye LaVette, I've Got My Own Hell to Raise, plus new music from Jamie Lidell, Detroit Cobras and more.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Podcasts Are a Go......

I'm very pleased to announce that, after much forehead kneading and wringing of hands, podcasts of In House are now available. One thing's for sure, it's not the most unconvoluded set-up process by any means, and it may take some looking around for details on how and why and where they work on your part-- but the bottom line, as with all podcasting, is that you don't have to be there in the immediate to hear the show. Rather, it's delivered to you and you listen whenever you feel like it-- or not at all-- or only to those select places in the playlist that interest you.

First things first, a podcast is essentially just a large mp3 file. This means that if you're not interested in the "delivered to you" portion of the description, you can just download and listen to the mp3 on the blog. If you're looking for podcasting, simply scroll down the page until you come to the buttons for several podcasting applications; "my yahoo," "podnova," and "odeo," are several examples of these-- I find "iPodder" the easiest to use. The In House feed is supplied by feedburner, meaning that you would want to enter this when prompted for a feed in which to subscribe: The application program should do the rest for you. You don't need an iPod or an mp3 player to receive podcasts-- they'll play on any source on which any standard mp3 will play.

I would expect podcasts to be available within the 24 hours following the end of most (but not all) shows. There are already a couple posted: podcasts #1 and #2 for last Thursday's and Friday's broadcasts. Here's hoping you enjoy. Feel free to email your questions/comments/suggestions to

Friday, October 14, 2005

Show Post: In House #1472

The Clumsy Lovers, from Vancouver, BC, are undoubtedly one of the hardest working bands around. Playing upwards of 250 shows a year all over the U.S. and Canada, the band has forayed an up-tempo live performance, win fans one show at a time ethic into a full-time gig and contract with Nettwerk records. It's no surprise that autumn finds them on the road, then, as they pass through Pocatello, ID, once again tonight to play the First National Bar. The band continues to tour in support of their latest release Smart Kid.

In House #1472.
Airdate: 10/14/05
Focus: Clumsy Lovers return to Pocatello tonight, plus new music from Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim & Jeff Buckley, Neil Young and more.


In House PODCAST #2

Friday Random Five (x2) (#7)

As you may, or may not, have noticed, the Friday Random Five took the week off last week, thus delaying installment #7 until this week. However, no need to feel cheated-- we're making it up to you with a Friday Random Five(x2) this week, which my rudimentary college education suggests equals a random ten. It's truly random, too, as there's stuff from all walks here: new stuff, old stuff, live stuff, etc. So put the water on to boil and watch the leaves come down, the weekend's upon us.

1- If you haven't seen the Clumsy Lovers live, it's only because you didn't go because chances are outstanding that they've been to your town. The Vancouver, BC band plays something like 4,000 shows a year, and they're in Pocatello, ID tonight. "Amen" (MP3) comes from their 2003 release After the Flood.

2- Speaking of live, one of the best live shows around is put on by Calexico. They're currently touring with Iron & Wine in support of the In the Reins EP the two put out together, hitting Salt Lake City on October 24th. This gem version of "Stray" (MP3) was recorded at the Casbah in San Diego.

3- It's Foucault, but it ain't exactly post-modern. No, this is Jeffrey Foucault, a singer-songwriter originally from Wisconsin. The tune "4 and 20 Blues" (MP3) comes from last year's Stripping Cane.

4- Next up, it's a non-album track from Portland, OR-based M.Ward, a personal favorite of mine. "One More Goodbye" (MP3-stream) comes from the Merge Records compilation Old Enough to Know Better.

5- Staying with a Merge artist, Lambchop offers up a spoonful of positivity that's so much easier to swallow on a Friday (though I'd still recommend the song itself for the rest of the week, too). Soothe your people skills with a live version of "Up With People" (MP3-stream).

6- It was announced this week that the one-woman-band that is Chan Marshall's Cat Power will be releasing The Greatest, her follow up to You Are Free, this January 24th. Decidedly more blues and groove based than Marshall's past work, it's being called her "Dusty In Memphis" moment. Here's the title track: "The Greatest" (MP3).

7- Also upcoming is the fifth album from the Silver Jews, entitled Tanglewood Numbers. A formula that includes Stephen Malkmus as a side man, a cast of seemingly thousands and the acerbic song poetry of frontman David Berman, the band is always good for refreshingly offbeat, genre-hopping numbers. "I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You" (MP3) appears on the new album, out October 18th.

8- Rumors of the rotting and subsequent festering ferment of the Apples in Stereo were, thankfully, greatly exaggerated. In fact, they're working on a new album to be released in 2006. "Liza Jane" (MP3) is their contribution to Dimension Mix, a tribute album of sorts to the music of the 5th Dimension, Bruce Haak, and Esther Nelson recently out on Eenie Meenie records.

9- A new tribute album to the music of Elliott Smith by northwest-based artists is being planned for an early 2006 release. This doesn't happen to included on that particular gathering, but in the same spirit is the Robot Ate Me's version of Smith's "Angel In the Snow" (MP3).

10- We close it with a three minute mainline of energy in the form of a non-album track from Nic Armstrong & the Thieves. Hailing from the U.K., the band released their debut full-length The Greatest White Liar earlier this year. "If We Can't Escape My Pretty" (MP3) isn't on it.

enjoy. rinse. repeat.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Show Post: In House #1471

The Posies may have had one of the worst attempts at a break-up in history, as they continued to release archived material and play "reunion" shows long after their supposed final album Success was released in 1999. Not that anyone here is complaining-- and if you're going to be lousy at something, it may as well be breaking up something beautiful. So it is that 2005 saw the official return of the Posies with Every Kind of Light, released earlier this year on Rykodisc. The new Posies consist of a new rhythm section, Matt Harris and Darius Minwalla, along with mainstays John Auer and Ken Stringfellow (which means, if you're keeping track at home, that the old half of the Posies is also the new half of Big Star, but I digress). The band is touring the western U.S. throughout the month of October, many of those dates with San Francisco's Oranger, and hit Salt Lake City and Boise this weekend.

In House #1741.
Airdate: 10/13/05
Focus: The Posies in Salt Lake City and Boise this weekend, plus new music from Oranger, Supergrass, Clem Snide and more.


In House PODCAST #1

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Show Post: In House #1470

Barely Touching It is the curiously-named second full-length release from Swedish singer-songwriter Thomas Denver Jonsson, an artist who has worked with and is compared to the likes of Damien Jurado, and the Oldham Brothers, among others. Jonsson has toured extensively over the past couple of years, playing shows all over the world including this year's South By Southwest festival in Austin, TX. The new album is the follow-up to 2003's acclaimed Hope to Her, and is out later this month on Kite Recordings.

In House #1470.
Airdate: 10/12/05
Focus: Upcoming release from Thomas Denver Jonsson, Barely Touching It, plus new music from Sufjan Stevens, Devendra Banhart, Jordan O’Jordan and more.

BONUS from today's show and Thomas Denver Jonsson's upcoming Barely Touching It- "Silverboy" (MP3).


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Show Post: In House #1469

A perfect fit for the term "collective" to say the least, Toronto's Broken Social Scene consists of no less than twelve of that city's finest, including contributions from members of Metric, Stars, the Dears, Apostle of Hustle and Do Make Say Think-- as well as Leslie Feist and original members Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. No wonder there's so much going on in their music. As you may recall, their second full length, You Forgot It In People, came more or less out of nowhere a couple of years ago to capture the Juno for "Alternative Album of the Year." Their third and latest release of new material is the self-titled Broken Social Scene, out last week on Arts & Crafts.

In House #1469.
Airdate: 10/11/05
Focus: New release from the Broken Social Scene (s/t), plus new music from Lambchop & Hands Off Cuba, Jason Forrest, Tom Vek and more.

BONUS from today's show and the new self-titled release from the Broken Social Scene-
"7/4 (Shoreline)" (MP3).


Monday, October 10, 2005

Show Post: In House #1468

Today it's a live in-studio visit from Salt Lake City's Uptown Hustlers, who hit Michelle's City Lights in Old Town Pocatello, ID tonight (7p). The band is led by master harmonicist Chris Condie and specializes in various forms of traditional blues, notably West Coast and Post-War Chicago. Just five years into their existence, the Hustlers are a regular performer at the annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City and play 150 shows a year.

In House #1468.
Airdate: 10/10/05
Focus: The Uptown Hustlers Live In House, plus the latest from the North Mississippi All-Stars and more.


Friday, October 07, 2005

Show Post: In House #1467

Nashville's Legendary Shack Shakers blaze a trail back through Idaho this weekend, playing in Boise tonight and at the Knotty Pine in Victor, ID tomorrow night. The band crafts an evil combination of punk, rockabilly, country, and even klezmer, resulting in a whiskey-soaked blend that can only be called "hellbilly." Their most recent release, Believe, came out last year on Yep Roc chock full of murder ballads, drunken staggers and pedal-to-the-metal burners. As if all of that firepower were not enough, the Gore Gore Girls open things up both nights.

In House #1467.
Airdate: 10/7/05
Focus: Legendary Shack Shakers with the Gore Gore Girls this weekend in Idaho, plus New South Fork in Pocatello tonight.

BONUS from the Gore Gore Girls' Up All Night- "Up All Night" (MP3).

BONUS- the Legendary Shack Shakers Live in Norway, CLICK HERE---> Legendary Shack Shakers Live Video


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Show Post: In House #1466

It's been a while since anyone's heard anything out of Seattle quartet Harvey Danger. You could say five years, but not many people actually heard 2000's King James Version. Most people haven't actually heard them since their 1997 debut, Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?, which, of course, featured the surprise hit, "Flagpole Sitta." In the meantime, the band's sort of been doing other things-- most notably Sean Nelson, who not only helped the Long Winters' melodies soar with keyboards and background harmonies on their last full length, when i pretend to fall, but also spends time as a DJ at Seattle's KEXP. While it's regrettable that Nelson left the Long Winters, it's nice to have Harvey Danger back-- particularly sounding this good. Besides, they're easy to root for because they're so nice-- look, they're giving away the new album.

In House #1466.
Airdate: 10/6/05
Focus: New release from Harvey Danger, Little By Little, plus Death Cab for Cutie and Youth Group in Salt Lake City tomorrow night and new music from the Long Winters, matt pond pa and more.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Show Post: In House #1465

Temperamental songstress Fiona Apple released her first album in six years this week, entitled Extraordinary Machine. Despite its "new" status, the album's history is already a long and tumultuous one, beginning with its original recording and production three years ago. After finishing the album with respected composer, instrumentalist and producer Jon Brion, Apple shelved all but two songs, unhappy with the overall sound. Earlier this year, the internet-leaked version 1 revealed itself to be full of the occasionally difficult, but melodic baroque-pop for which Brion has become known. Some time later, Apple re-recorded the album and tagged Mike Elizondo, late of names like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Sheryl Crow and Avril Lavigne, for production duties. The end result is decidedly more commercial, which more than one review has suggested doesn't exactly translate to "better." Some sources have even engaged in comparison reviews, pitting version 1.0 against version 2.0, side by side. Fiona Apple opens a U.S. tour in Portland in late November.

In House #1465.
Airdate: 10/5/05
Focus: New release from Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine, plus new music from Emiliana Torrini, Richard Hawley and more


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Show Post: In House #1464

Kentucky's My Morning Jacket returns with their fourth album, simply entitled Z, out today. While the band retains much of its longtime influence from artists like Neil Young and the Band, and contemporaries like Mercury Rev and the Magnolia Electric Co., there's undoubtedly something different in the mix this time around. Frontman Jim James' trademark reverb-drenched vocals are perhaps a little less drenched, and find themselves surrounded by keyboard lines and funk beats. The result is an unlikely mix that's difficult to identify with a label. What is certain is that the band isn't afraid to follow their own creative muse, and it appears to have paid off thus far. My Morning Jacket kicks off their fall tour this week in Atlanta with Kathleen Edwards supporting.

In House #1464.
Airdate: 10/04/05
Focus: New releases from My Morning Jacket, Z, and the Magnolia Electric Co., Hard to Love a Man EP. Plus new music from Mark Eitzel and more.

BONUS from today's show:
Magnolia Electric Co. from the upcoming Hard to Love a Man EP-
"Doing Something Wrong" (MP3).


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Show Post: In House #1463

Songwriter, musician, producer, cinephile and all-around nice guy John Vanderslice returns to Salt Lake City's Kilby Court tonight as part of the "I've Been Living In a K-Hole" tour. Never one to rest on his laurels, Vanderslice recently released his fifth album since 2000, the understated Pixel Revolt. For this tour at least, his backing band has been dubbed the Photographs and consists of Ian Bjornstad, Dave Douglas, Dan Brennan, and none other than David Broecker, late of defunct band the Prom. As always with a Vanderslice show, there's a possibility of more than just music-- he might invite everyone to go bowling afterwards, or back to his hotel for a dip in the pool, or maybe down the street for some Mexican fast food. Come November, he'll be touring Europe with labelmates Nada Surf.

In House #1463.
Airdate: 10/3/05
Focus: John Vanderslice in Salt Lake City tonight, plus new music from the Rosebuds, Nada Surf, Silver Jews and more.

Selected JV MP3s, courtesy of the man himself:

From mass suicide occult figurines (2000, Barsuk)- "Big Band Stars" (MP3).

From Insound Tour Support #18 (2001, Barsuk)- "You Were My Fiji (LIVE)" (MP3).

From life and death of an american fourtracker (2002, Barsuk)- "Amitriptyline" (MP3).

From Cellar Door (2004, Barsuk)- "They Won't Let Me Run" (MP3).